FUNERIS is an one-man Funeral Doom Metal project led by Alejandro Sabransky (from 1917, Bokrug and Ammentia), who started to work on some Doom Metal tunes back in the nineties.

It wasn't until 2014 he recorded a whole album, then named the project FUNERIS. Next step was to sent promos to some specialized labels. A few weeks later "Waning Light" was released. That same year he recorded a second album, "Funereal Symphonies", which was released in January 2015. Immediately after he recorded a third opus, entitled "Act III: Bitterness", which was released in August 2015.

The fourth album, "Nocturnes for Grim Orchestra" was released in January of 2016. It was followed by "Ghostly, Gloomy Notes", summoned on August 2016.

"Dismal Shapes" was released in 2017 and "Baleful Astral Elements" in 2018.

FUNERIS's lyrics reflect dark feelings and desires, as well existential matters such as time, fears and death. Music draws lugubrious landscapes full of melancholy and oppressive atmospheres.

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